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Giacomo and Laurent 


At our place, beauty is taken to a higher level.

We are much more than a traditional beauty salon; we are a concept store where art and creativity come together to offer you an exceptional experience.

Giacomo Masucci, master of the art of makeup and an expert in eyebrow correction, enhances every face with precision and skill, revealing your true beauty.

Our boutique is filled with treasures, carefully selected high-end products just for you.

Prestigious brands like Molton Brown and Nebu invite you to discover an infinite palette of possibilities for your beauty routine.

But also prestigious clothing brands for men and women such as Bain de Mer, Borbonese, and Max Mara.

At GM Giacomo Masucci, we create a space where you will feel comfortable, where you can escape from everyday life and indulge in moments of relaxation and pleasure. Art, beauty, and well-being come together to offer you a truly unique experience.

Since 1994, GM Giacomo Masucci has celebrated the magical alchemy of a self-care ritual that caresses the senses, evokes memories, and ignites fantasies. Our modern and futuristic emporium is a bridge between tradition, innovation, research, and uniqueness.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique concept store in Cannes.

"MORE THAN JUST A STROLL, IT'S AN ANCHORING PLACE WHERE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND INVITED TO RETURN! An exclusive choice in Cannes that caters to both women and men. Whether in the treatment room or in the boutique, Giacomo and Laurent invite you to let go, catch your breath, or simply indulge yourself."


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