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I imagined by the two founders and developed by professional perfumers without the slightest compromise in terms of materials, LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES initiate the nose and especially the mind to cross the boundaries of perception, matter and reality. Born from the conviction that perfume is much more than a tool of seduction, the LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES brand asserts the primary powers of perfume to transform them into real discoveries of a spiritual, cultural or religious nature.

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At the confluence of real and imaginary worlds, IMAGINARY LIQUIDS break the yoke of appearance, of profane and Cartesian thought, to allow the human mind to freely explore its deep nature, the peaks of its impulses and aspirations, bringing out still unknown fragments of soul and destiny.

Inspired by central elements of the universal cultural heritage, IMAGINARY LIQUIDS bring a contemporary look at primordial symbols, figures or events present in the collective subconscious. These perfumes are an eternal round trip to the founding myths of humanity and of the self.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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