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Clandestine Studio - M / F

STUDIO CLANDESTIN, more than a clothing brand, is an innovative, timeless concept, combining styling with the arts in a committed and inventive spirit, where a transversality of artisanal know-how mingles with the plasticity of contemporary art. Jonathan Canuti brings the basics of the wardrobe back to life by deconstructing them into new original pieces.

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In an era where overconsumption is a guru, Jonathan Canuti and his CLANDESTIN STUDIO break the codes and hijack them so that each of those who wear Studio becomes Clandestine.


Jijil - F

Jijil is a fashion brand with a total look for women and girls launched in 2012 by the DG Group based in Andria, Puglia, a territory that shows great creativity through innovative proposals.

Total look that mixes fashion and casual, always guided by attention to detail. The sweatshirt is enriched with jewels, studs and prints. Everything is adapted according to the constructions of the brand which express the DNA of the brand. The Best selerl line is the unstructured suit, the item that more than anything has made the brand popular in the market. A new vision of style that gives a nice touch to the everyday look.


Alpha Studio - M / F

Tradition and avant-garde, under the sign of elegance Thirty years with a view to the future, a change of generation in progress to transmit over time the culture of style and elegance. The shirt at the cutting edge of technology: technology, history and refinement, in balance between past and innovation.

An artisanal reality that hides its temporal continuum in the creation of the point and reveals this solid tradition which is materialized in the search for an essential design and in the creation of a sophisticated image that lasts over time and that contains classicism and l 'uniqueness inside

Bro-Ship - H

An impeccably charming man, engaged and globetrotter, with an alluring allure, glamorous luxury, fresh and wonderfully contemporary. The BROSHIP style tells intense and multifaceted fashion stories, a wise and innovative blend of outfits with a bespoke fit and urban-cosmopolitan contaminations, combinations to choose from every day, from morning to night, perfect to wear in any place. any context.


Uniform Jeans - H

80 to the present day, never forgetting the past but also looking to the present and even more to the future. Today, the past is represented by the legendary 80s when the brand was born, while the present is linked to the direction Uniform took in 2003 when it bought the brand and when, in partnership with a major European manufacturer , he began to turn the charm of the past into something contemporary

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An elegant and sporty man, in love with "fine details", never predictable and banal, who stands out by casually wearing what were once work trousers and which have now become the "fashion" par excellence.


Pier St. Barth - Beach Wear M / F

Pier St. Barth is a men's lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and style of the beautiful island of St. Barth in the French Antilles. Since launching his lifestyle brand in 2016, Andy Piers has been on a mission to create easy and stylish swil and resort clothing that effortlessly fits into your everyday wardrobe.

With this approach, Pier St. Barth epitomizes sophistication and ease by offering versatile clothing that you can wear on a beach, poolside or on weekends.


Beach Club Apparel - Beach Wear M / F

Beach Club Apparel is a high-end swimwear collection born in Monte-Carlo and made from the finest quick-drying fabrics. Luxury-cool is the foundation of the brand, launched in January 2015 and headquartered in the mythical spot of the Côte d'Azur.

Inspired by the light blue colors of the Mediterranean sea and sky, Beach Club Apparel is created for the outdoor pleasures of lounging in and around the water. They provide a solution for the design-conscious citizen looking for high-end products without being subjected to seasonal vagaries.


Soobaya - Beach Wear H

Soobaya is a brand specializing in swimsuits for men and children ( boardshorts , Bermuda shorts ...). The brand also offers beachwear accessories and outfits (t-shirts, pants, linen and cotton Bermuda shorts, fine sweaters, etc.).

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Created in St Tropez, Soobaya symbolizes both French elegance and creativity thanks to colorful prints.


Aguaclara - Beach Wear F

The Aguaclara collections, created by Liliana Villalobos, are exhibited at important fairs around the world. Its unique pieces are designed with very elaborate embroidery, exclusive prints and accessories handmade and specially designed for clothing. These elements result in the exceptional style and brand, which shows an exotic sophistication.

To date, the company exports to more than 40 countries including USA, Mexico, UK, France, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Dubai, in Russia and Japan.

Olivia - Beach Wear F


In 2003, the Olivia brand debuted, beachwear with a fresh, contemporary taste that combines the sophistication of prints with great attention to fit: different sizes and models can be coordinated across the range, including a limited edition hand-painted handmade clothing. Two years later, Maristella Mare offers a new interpretation of Italian style with Olivia Gold: bras up to the E cup and briefs with more opaque models, for a market niche that goes from the adult consumer to the researcher. from trendy and modern style to young customers with specific portability needs.

Today the Olivia and Olivia Gold brands are positioned with an excellent sale in the best high-end Italian stores, ready for the big step towards the most prestigious international markets.


Uzurii - Beach Wear F

In 2011 Uzurii Luxury Footwear was officially launched and entered the world of haute couture. This does not go without a struggle. All the designs were made by hand and required a special technique. For over a year, Shieglee has traveled all over the world to train over 100 women. These women do not work in a studio, but at home. This way they can work in their own environment and also take care of their children. Shieglee: “It works perfectly; we never had any issues and every pair of Uzurii we receive is pure handcraft. "

Today, luxury shoes are sold in the upper segment of shoe and fashion stores in more than 1,400 stores in 46 countries. Uzurii is also sold in several well-known department stores such as Bijenkorf, Galeria Inno, Prange and Lane Crawford.


Ilse Jacobsen - F

For over 25 years, the idyllic seaside village and resort town of Hornbæk, famous for its wide sandy beaches and dunes, has been a constant source of inspiration for the work and creativity of Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. The ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK lifestyle universe includes rainwear, sophisticated clothing for women, as well as stylish shoes and accessories.

In addition, the ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK universe includes the florists, named BLOMSTEN by ILSE JACOBSEN and a line of spa and beauty products bearing its name ILSE by ILSE JACOBSEN for use at home or during luxury spa treatments. 'Ilse Jacobsen, KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN. The world of Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk offers you the opportunity to experience the relaxed luxury lifestyle of Ilse Jacobsen.


Bikkembergs - H

Bikkembergs is the brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the power of sport. Founded in 1986 by the namesake designer, a member of the avant-garde fashion collective known as "Antwerp Six", the brand has over the years developed a style that exudes a simple self-confidence.


Addicted - ES Collection - H

Addicted was founded in 2009 in Barcelona dealing with the design, manufacture and sale of men's swimwear. In a short time we were able to experience strong growth, helped by the success of our first brand ES Collection. Currently we have more than 240 points of sale spread over five continents, Addicted is an independent reference brand that differs from Es Collection.

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In recent years, Addicted has no longer limited itself to the creation of swimsuits but has expanded its collection, presenting new collections of underwear, swimsuits and sportswear each season. Today Addicted is a reference in the world of men's fashion and, more specifically, in the gay market.


Bambood - Sunglasses - Accessories

Bambood comes from a combination of classic and innovation. Everyone loves to wear classic and timeless sunglasses. Bambood's goal is to offer unique wooden sunglasses.

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