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The Hype Noses

Hype Noses candles were created in France by the famous “nose” Stéphane Humbert Lucas. Singular, elegant and sensual light, The Hype Noses candle collection impacts all four olfactory senses. It is the experience of design and fashion, innovation and tradition, working to deliver a product with the aroma of primitive and sophisticated love. The elegant vegetable wax made from soy and palm is smooth, dense and creamy. Longevity, quality of the result of oil production, aesthetics and well-being are the main advantages of the wax from The Hype Noses.

Nobile 1942

NOBILE 1942 perfumes contain essential oils obtained by natural processes of soaking, filtration and distillation. The result is a long production process, but our patience is rewarded with intensified aromas and lingering scents that keep their substance and full body.

All NOBILE 1942 products are delivered with a seal which certifies their originality. And even the bottling, labeling and packaging are handmade with the care and dedication of a true craftsman.


Officina delle Essenze

The identity of the brand is reflected in its image: a red that represents the passion with which it is carried out, a dream project come true and a corporate vision; the luxury of a finished product down to the smallest detail, the result of a very rigid selection between retailers and suppliers; the emotion of those who want to feel good with a product of high artistic value.

OFFICINA DELLE SENZE places the customer at the center of all their choices to stimulate constant research, without ever abandoning the artisanal production process that makes the brand an authentic representative of Made in Italy.


Molton brown

MOLTON BROWN collaborates with the most exciting perfumers, giving them the freedom to create truly unique fragrances. Working with Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert since 1993, his expressive approach has given MOLTON BROWN its award-winning Black Pepper Refill.

Shifting from small artisans to an international luxury brand today, their heart remains in London with a flagship house on Regent Street. The expertly created fragrance collections proudly hold a Royal Warrant for the provision of toiletries by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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