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ILAME - the innovative cosmetic line rich in EleuteroComplex - is the cosmetic transposition of humanity's oldest dream: that of immortality. Recent research shows that certain plant extracts can be important telomere defense elements - that is, telomerase reactivators - and among these is eleutherococcus extract.

ILAME follows this path traced by the latest generation of scientific research by integrating in its formulation an eleutherococcus lipocomplex, in liposomal form, called EleuteroComplex. There are seven preparations entering into the composition of the ILAME line, seven like the number of the cyclic completion, always associated in geometry, with the circle. As if to say that seven is the number of beauty.



The philosophy of the LBF letters is born from an in-depth knowledge of the structure of the skin, its functionality and its needs; by constant scientific research aimed at exploring the immense potential of cosmetics; of a trip around the world to discover the most functional assets for a perfect combination of high technology and nature.

The researchers of the letters LBF have a very specific objective: the creation of high performance formulations, characterized by high skin tolerance, multisensory textures of ineffable softness, refined and discreet perfumes.



During his career as a chemist in different laboratories, Raffaella Gregoris has always wondered why insert ineffective ingredients which are also harmful to the skin such as preservatives, dyes, petroleum derivatives, surfactants ... All the unsuitable and harmful elements for the skin, which are not able to offer any benefit to the skin, but rather, increase the risk of the occurrence of sensitization problems or allergies.

From there, they began to trace the contours of the idea: why not create products composed only of active ingredients. Thus was born Bakel.

To date, after fifteen years of activity, Bakel can claim the distinction of having a completely transparent list of ingredients (INCI). And to those who ask: "What do Bakel products contain?" They answer: "100% active ingredients, zero unnecessary substances".


Molton brown

MOLTON BROWN collaborates with the most exciting perfumers, giving them the freedom to create truly unique fragrances. Working with Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert since 1993, his expressive approach has given MOLTON BROWN its award-winning Black Pepper Refill.

Shifting from small artisans to an international luxury brand today, their heart remains in London with a flagship house on Regent Street. The expertly created fragrance collections proudly hold a Royal Warrant for the provision of toiletries by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Anna yake

Drawing on the best of East and West, ANNAYAKE offers expert care with visible and lasting performance, delicate and respectful. Through care rituals, each woman discovers that being beautiful means feeling better about yourself and making time an ally.

ANNAYAKE pays as much attention to the power of its formulas and its results as to the tender sensoriality of its textures. Each treatment brings together caressing pleasure, revolutionary textures, measurable performance and unique gestures.

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